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Home Renovation HST Rebate

What to do with home renovation HST rebate


Home Renovation HST Rebate

HST is apart of all of our lives, we deal with it on virtually every purchase we make. When it comes to your home renovation. The HST does not have to be the elephant in the room. With proper invoicing techniques from your contractor and a whole lot of forms to fill out. You can get a large chunk of that HST you paid during your home renovation, back. To get an HST rebate on your home renovation you must meet certain requirements. Mainly you have to meet their definition of a “Substantial Renovation”. Please click on link provided to get more information as to what the really means. Once you meet those requirements the next step is two fold. Firstly you have to have detailed invoicing that can substantiate what was done in your home renovation . Secondly you must fill out the required forms, which can be done by a third party for a fee. We will cover both of these requirements in this article.



A home renovation HST rebate has to be able to prove that a “Substantial Renovation” took place. In short more than 90% of your home must have been renovated and you have to be able to show that with the appropriate bills. At Woodsmith Construction we always provide detailed invoicing […]

Find the Best Custom Home Builders T.O.

Toronto, being one of the best cities in Canada is famous for architectural and home design projects. The city, prosperous for its wide shopping centers, is not only known for these attractions but also for the many splendid home projects it has done over the past few years. Upscale establishments like supermarkets, malls, and famous land marks which are famous can be found here in Toronto.

Custom Home Builders & General Contractors in Toronto


A Home renovation requires an intricate planning and conceptualizing to arrive at the desired planned style or structure to be renovated. As custom home builder you not only need a lot of creativity on your design teams part but most of all the right and trusted people that give the very best of what they have and handle the task of building your home well. Dealing with home renovations or custom builds is a task that should be handled carefully by experts who have already wide experiences in home renovating and custom home building. Their expertise has been earned from our years in the business of renovation and will always prove to be essential in achieving the successful planning and eventually, success of the project.  

In Toronto Canada, there are many custom home builder that offer wide range of home service in terms of home renovating and construction purposes. Each company provides excellent quality service when it comes to renovating a house or a building. Woodsmith Construction offers unique custom home building services that combine all aspects of construction into one solution.

Our custom home builder company offers excellent service when it comes to home building constructions. A wide scale of providers that has qualified and diligent workers with a vast range of experience in home building as well as home renovation projects. Together with its fast growing partners in world class construction and building, the companies mentioned above also provide state of the art materials to further render […]

Custom Home Builders in Toronto – Woodsmith Construction


Custom Home Builders Toronto


Are you looking for a company where you can find professional and reliable custom home builders? In Toronto, there are lots of companies that can provide you the service that you are looking for however among them, only our company has the capability to meet your needs and go beyond or even above your expectations. Woodsmith Construction is a company which is very much dedicated in providing clients with high quality services and exceptional customer service. We have been among the best custom home builders Toronto over our long years of being in the construction industry. We have already helped lots of homeowners with their home problems and still counting.

In addition to that, we are able to gain our long standing reputation in the industry because of the performance of our custom home builders. Whether you believe it or not, our company is only equipped with individuals who are highly qualified and experienced to perform any kind of project. As custom home builders Toronto we have the following qualifications:

  • Professionalism – Our custom home builders are not only professionals in name but as well as in action. Since building home is their field of expertise, our builders always make sure to apply and practice acceptable and appropriate standards only. And since we are team of professionals, expect that our contractors will not take the “that will do” attitude because only perfection of the project is being considered.
  • Skills and Experience – Our […]

Architectural Design: Beautiful Buildings, Gardens and Décor


Architectural Design: Buildings, Gardens and Decor


Architectural DesignArchitectural Design can be defined in so many ways. It is the product of designing, planning and constructing buildings and other physical structures. Architectural elements are perceived to be as cultural symbol and work of arts. It shows the designs and methods of constructing building, establishments and homes. Architecture includes the value of durability, utility and beauty.

Even the early times, our folks are already practicing architectural design even they lack the aid of technology and machinery. There are famous landmarks done many centuries ago, though it is wrecked but it still stands and serve as tourist spots for visitors. They take good care of it to preserve the culture and history of the country.

Famous architects all around the world have already proved their prowess in designing beautiful buildings, gardens and décor.  Their expertise had reached in many different places across the world. Nowadays, there are lots of towering buildings in the cities. Whether you go on a summer trip in a beach or in a pool downtown, there were plenty of architectural designs that is shown around. If you think deeper into it, you will be amazed and appreciate how awesome people are. Without our notice, the buildings that we used to go back and forth is the product of architectural design.

There are beautiful gardens in the famous cities where […]

Build your dream home

custom home builders toronto

A home is considered as one of the most important things that a person one dreams to have. It is like a precious gold born of dedication, hard work, and diligence. The thought of having a dream come true for most families who don’t have the proper place to live in. The average employee, such as those who work at municipal offices and establishments, dream on having his or her dream home when he or she retires. Also, like those who have white collar jobs and have high monthly salaries. Some try to loan large amounts of cash in banks offering home benefit loans. All dream to have a home in the future.

Toronto permit process?


What is the Toronto permit process?



Funnily enough there are times when I ask myself this same question. It seems like every year the rules for the Toronto permit process change, in some way shape or form. Making something that was allowed before, not now. Regardless of my own personal frustrations, I think for simplicity sake we should divide the process into two parts.

The first part would be to look at your home as a box, to better understand how things work.  The Toronto permit process begins with us defining the size,shape and location of your box to the city. The second deals with defining how that box will be made under the rules set out by the Ontario Building Code.


Whatever that home design you decide on it has to adhere to the zoning requirements and bylaws for your area. Essentially a list of rules dictating the size,shape and location of anything you want to build on your property. That is why it is very important to have a survey of your property before you start the design.  Most people will try to design within the confines of those rules, in order to avoid extending the permit process. Once the initial design has been completed, plans will be sent in for preliminary review. Which essentially means that someone will make sure that your design is within the bounds of those rules. Now if you can’t get what you want with […]

The Woodsmith Approach to Customer Service



What is the Woodsmith Approach and why does it work



The Woodsmith approach is a simple and straight forward one.  We hold three key components at the heart of everything we do. They are Transparency, Accountability and Communication. One would say there is one other over arching piece that carries through all of them and that is honesty. Without honesty none of our other three principles mean much and so it is with applying our key components honestly, that we achieve success.


It is easy to say and easy to do, just show everything. There are no back room deals or kick backs on the side. You see everything, every bill every hour every trade receipt. This could not be properly achieved with out technology however. From our automated job clocks to our bi weekly spending reports. They all contribute to the openness and clarity that is required in order to do business with Woodsmith Construction. We are always working to make this better and give our clients all the information possible. It is information that really communicates honesty and integrity in the end.


Now this one is a little tougher to see because it really is only required at a time when you are right and the other person is wrong. I would never say we don’t make mistakes but I would say that when we do, we own up to it and […]

Custom home why is it better?

Why is choosing to build a custom home better?



There are many reasons people chose the route of a custom home. Mostly its to make sure they get what they want. To live the dream and start from scratch the build the dream home they have always wanted. Interestingly enough there are quite a few benefits that come along with going down that custom home road.

The single largest benefit is consistency. You never have to worry about the life span of something that is all brand new. You also will never have to worry about what construction techniques and or technologies  were used. With a custom home you get the very best of both right from the beginning. None of the problems that plague an existing home when being renovated, do you even have to deal with. From the ground up you’re up to code and built right, straight, plumb and true.

Now we can all see that having something constructed at the same time with all the right materials and processes, would obviously lead to and very good finished product, which can easily stand the test of time. What doesn’t quiet pop out at you at first is that it actually works out more cost effective in comparison to a full home renovation. It would seem counter intuitive to think that one could build something from scratch brand new for the same or less then they could renovate.

Shocking but true, when dealing with homes that […]

Trade Association Memberships


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The Woodsmith Approach to Customer Service



What is the Woodsmith Approach and why does it work



The Woodsmith approach is a simple and straight forward one.  We hold three key components at the heart of everything we do. They are Transparency, Accountability and Communication. One would say there is one other over...

Customer value Woodsmith

How does Woodsmith Construction create customer value?


I would say off the top, customer value is all about caring and giving a s#!t. This concept gets thrown around a lot in today’s world but the reality leaves us less than inspired. It takes real work and dedication,day in and...


The workmanship was of an extremely high caliber. The company used very experienced workers, carpenters and trades. Our home came out better than expected. That is because Mr. Woodsmith provided great recommendations in terms of what work should be done and what colours should be used. [LINK]



Chris and his team removed 2 load bearing walls for us. He was friendly and always picked up the phone if I had to call him with any questions. The job took a little longer than anticipated, but Chris explained everything to us as we went along, and ultimately...

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